Names of God

Furthermore, the reality of Divinity is characterized by certain names and attributes. Among these names are Creator, Resuscitator, Provider, the All-Present, Almighty, Omniscient and Giver. These names and attributes of Divinity are eternal and not accidental. This is a very subtle point which demands close attention. Their existence is proved and necessitated by the appearance of phenomena. For example, Creator presupposes creation, Resuscitator implies resuscitation, Provider necessitates provision; otherwise, these would be empty and impossible names. Merciful evidences an object upon which mercy is bestowed. If mercy were not manifest, this attribute of God would not be realized. The name Lord proves the existence of subjects over whom sovereignty is exercised. The name Omniscient demands the objects of all-knowing. Unless these objects existed, omniscience would be meaningless and without function. The name the Wise necessitates objects for the exercise of wisdom; and unless wisdom comprehended them, this name would be inconceivable. Therefore, the divine names and attributes presuppose the existence of phenomena implied by those names and attributes. And vice versa—the sovereignty of God is proved and established through their verity and being.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 271-272)

Divine Providence
God of Grace to the wicked
God’s Unerring Balance
He Who is the Revealer of the names of God
Him Who hath no peer nor equal
Him Who is dear to Thee
Him Who is the Highest and Last End of all
Him Who is the Manifestation of Thine Essence
Him Who is the Revealer of Thy Cause
Him Who is the Revealer of Thy oneness
Him Who is the Revealer of Thyself
Him Who is the Supreme Sovereign
Him Who is Thine exalted and Supreme Remembrance
Him Who showeth forth the Godhead as One
Him Who speaketh in Thy Name
Him Whom Thou hast chosen by Thy behest
His Testimony and His Guide unto you
Most Manifest One
Most Mighty Trumpet
My Beloved
My Constant Aim
My Faith
My Goal
My God
My Habitation
My King
My Lord
My Master
My only Hope
My Possessor
My Sanctuary
My sole Desire
My Soul
The Abider
The Admonisher
The Adored One
The All Possessing
The All Subduing
The All-Bountiful
The All-Compelling
The All-Conquering
The All-Forgiving
The All-Glorious
The all-glorious Horizon
The All-Glorious Name
The All-Glorious, to Whom all cry for help
The All-Highest Horizon
The All-Informed
The All-Knowing
The All-Knowing Counselor
The All-Knowing One
The All-Merciful
The All-Pervading
The All-Preserving One
The All-Seeing
The All-Seeing God
The All-Sufficing
The All-Wise
The Almighty
The Alpha and Omega
The Ancient Beauty
The Ancient of Days
The Author of all Manifestations
The Balance
The Bearer of Thy most lofty and exalted name
The Beauteous One
The Beloved
The beloved Companion of Bahá
The Beloved of my soul
The Beloved of the All-Merciful
The Beloved of the entire creation and the Desire of the whole universe
The Beloved of the world
The Beloved One
The Beneficent
The Beneficent One
The Benevolent
The Best Beloved of the worlds
The Best Informed
The Best Lover
The Best-Beloved
The Best-Beloved of every understanding heart
The Best-Beloved of the nations
The Bestower of favours
The Bestowing One
The Bird of the Throne
The Blessed Beauty
The Blissful
The Bounteous One
The Bountiful One
The Brightener
The Bringer of Delight
The Buddha of universal fellowship
The Bugle
The Captivating One
The Causer of Causes
The Chastiser
The Cherished One
The choice sealed Wine
The Cleaver
The Clement One
The Comforter
The Compassionate with all
The Concealed One
The Concealer
The Concealing One
The Conqueror
The Constant One
The Counsellor
The Countenance of Glory
The Creating One
The Crier
The Cup-Bearer
The Dawning-Place of Thine inspiration and Thy revelation
The Dawning-Place of Thy majesty and power
The Dawning-Place of Thy most resplendent signs
The Day-Spring of Certitude
The Day-Spring of the lights of Thy face
The Day-Spring of Thine Essence
The Day-Spring of Thy Cause
The Day-Spring of Thy most excellent titles
The Day-Spring of Thy Oneness
The Day-Spring of Thy strength
The Day-Spring of Thine invisible Self
The Day-Star of the light of Thy unity
The Day-Star of Thy creation
The Day-Star of Thy glory
The Day-Star of Thy justice
The Day-Star of Thy word
The Deliverer
The Desire of all nations
The Desire of the World
The Desired One
The Divine Being
The Divine Essence
The Divine Expounder
The Divine Lote-Tree
The Divine Ordainer
The Divine Presence
The Divine Voice
The Dove of Eternity
The Educator of all beings
The Effulgent
The Enkindler
The Enlightener of the world
The Enraptured One
The Equitable
The Eternal
The Eternal One
The Eternal Truth
The Ever-Abiding
The Everlasting Father
The Exalted
The Exalted One
The Exalting One
The Exultation of the hearts that pant after Thee
The Face of God amongst you
The Faithful
The Faithful One
The Fashioner
The Fashioner of nations
The Father
The Forgiving
The Fountain of my life
The Fountain-Head of all Revelations
The Fountain-Head of Thine inspiration
The Fountain-Head of Thy wisdom and Thine utterance
The Friend
The Gathering One
The Gem
The Generous
The Glorious One
The Glory of God
The Governor of nations
The Gracious One
The Great Announcement
The Great Being
The Great Giver
The Greatest Remembrance
The Hand of Omnipotence
The Haven for all
The Healer
The Help in Peril
The Helper
The Helping One
The Hidden Gift
The Hidden Name
The Hidden Secret
The Holy of Holies
The Holy One
The Horizon of Certitude
The Horizon of Mercy
The Horizon of Revelation
The Immaculate manifestation of Krishna
The Impenetrable Mystery
The Imperishable
The Inaccessible
The Incomparable Friend
The Inflictor of trials
The Inspirer
The Invoked by all
The Judge
The Just One
The Kind to all
The King of Glory
The King of Kings
The King of Revelation
The Knower of all things
The knower of the unseen and of the seen
The Law
The Lawgiver
The Lifegiver of the world
The Life-giving One
The Lord of all men
The Lord of all things
The Lord of Bounty
The Lord of Hosts
The Lord of Joy
The Lord of Lords
The Lord of mankind
The Lord of Names
The Lord of the Covenant
The Lord of the Dawn
The Lord of the Day of Reckoning
The Lord of the Vineyard
The Lord of Utterance
The Loving
The Magnanimous One
The Magnificent One
The Majestic One
The Maker of nations
The manifest and hidden Secret
The Manifest yet Hidden
The Manifestation of Thy names
The Manifestation of Thy Singleness
The Merciful
The Mightiest One
The Mighty
The Most Ancient Name
The Most Ancient Way
The Most Benevolent One
The Most Clement One
The Most Compassionate
The Most Effulgent Name
The Most Exalted Pen
The Most Exalted Word
The Most Great Bell
The Most Great Infallibility
The Most Great Law
The Most Great Light
The Most Great Mystery
The Most Great Name
The Most Great Ocean
The Most Great One
The Most Great Remembrance
The Most Great Sign
The Most Great Spirit
The Most High
The Most Holy
The Most Knowing One
The Most Lauded
The Most Merciful One
The Most mighty Instrument
The Most Praised One
The Most Precious One
The Most Sublime Horizon
The Most Sublime One
The Most Sublime Summit
The Most Trusted
The Most Wise
The Mystic Dove
The Noblest Name
The Object of the adoration of the world
The Omnipotent
The Omnipotent Master
The omnipotent Protector of the entire creation
The Omniscient
The One
The One alone Beloved
The One Being
The Onlooker sought by all
The Ordainer, both in the beginning and in the end
The Ordaining One
The Peerless One
The Pen of Revelation
The Perfecting One
The Perspicuous
The Physician
The Pitier of the downtrodden
The Point of Adoration of all who are in the heavens and all who are on earth
The Possessor of the entire creation
The Potent One
The Pre-Existent Root
The Preserved Tablet
The Preserved Treasure
The Preserver
The Prince of Peace
The Prince of this world
The Promised One
The Protector
The Quencher of thirsts
The Quickening One
The Ravager
The Refuge of the fearful
The Remnant of God
The Repository of Thy wisdom
The Restorer
The Restrainer
The Rising One
The River that is life indeed
The Ruler of earth and heaven
The Ruler of rulers
The Ruler of the cities of mercy
The Ruler of the kingdoms of creation
The Ruler of the Universe
The Ruler of this world and of the world to come
The Ruling One
The Sanctified One
The Satisfier
The Sealed Book
The Self-Exalting
The Self-Subsisting
The Self-Sufficing
The Shaper of all the nations
The Shelter to all
The Sifter of Men
The Single
The Single One
The Son of Man
The Source of all Being
The Source of all Sources
The Source of everlasting life
The Sovereign
The Sovereign Protector of all men
The Speaker on Sinai
The Spirit of Truth
The Strong
The sublime Appearance
The Succorer of all
The Succoring One
The Sufficer
The sun of Righteousness
The Sun of Truth
The Sun that shineth in the heaven of Thy will
The Supreme Companion
The Supreme Goal
The Supreme Heaven
The Supreme Helper
The supreme Mediator
The Supreme Ordainer
The Supreme Ruler
The Supreme Sovereign
The Sustaining One
The Tabernacle of Immortality
The Testimony of God
The Tongue of the Ancient of Days
The Transcendent Lord
The Treasured Name
The Tree of Thy oneness
The Triumphant One
The True Physician
The Trumpet
The Truth, Who knoweth the secret things
The Unchangeable Being
The Unconditioned
The Unconstrained
The Unfastener
The Unfettered One
The Unfolder
The Unifier
The Unknowable
The Unrestrained
The Unseen
The Unseen Treasure
The Unseen yet Renowned
The Upraiser
The Uprooter
The Veil-less Beauty
The Victorious
The Vision
The Voice of God
The Well-Beloved of all worlds
The well-guarded Name
The Well-guarded One
The Wise
The Withholder
The Withholding One
The Wonderful
The Word
The Wronged One
The Youth
Thine infallible Proof unto all men
Thou Abiding One
Thou Frequented by all
Thou Hidden from all
Thou Known to all
Thou Who penetratest all things
Thou Who rulest all things
Thou Who rulest over all men
Thou Who slayest the Lovers