Resurrection_ `Resurrection' is meant the rise of the Manifestation to proclaim His Cause ...

Bahá’u’lláh, Kitab-i-Iqan, p.170

For example, from the inception of the mission of Jesus - may peace be upon Him - till the day of His ascension was the resurrection of Moses. For during that period the Revelation of God shown forth through the appearance word punished by His word everyone who did not believe; inasmuch as God's testimony for that Day was that which He solemnly affirmed in the Gospel.

the Báb, Selections From the Writings of the Báb, p.106-8

The stage perfection of everything is reached when its resurrection occureth.

The Báb, Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p.107

True resurrection from the sepulcres means to be quickened in conformity with His Will, through the power of His utterance.

The Báb, Selections From the Writings of the Báb, p.158

...we say that the meaning of Christ's resurrection is as follows: the disciples were troubled and agitated after the martyrdom of Christ. The Reality of Christ, which signifies His teachings, his bounties, his perfections, and his spiritual power, was hidden and concealed for two or three days after his martyrdom, and was not resplendent and manifest. No, rather it was lost; for the believers were few in number and were troubled and agitated. The Cause of Christ was like a lifeless body; and, when after three days the disciples became assured and steadfast, and began to serve the Cause of Christ of Christ, and resolved to spread the divine teachings, putting his counsels into practice, and arising to serve him,... his religion found life, his teachings and admonitions became evident and visible. In other words, the Cause of Christ was like a lifeless body, until the life and bounty of the Holy Spirit surrounded it.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Some Answered Questions, old edition, p.119-121

As to the influence of holy Beings and the continuation of Their grace to mankind after They have put away Their human form, this is, to Bahá’ís, an indisputable fact. Indeed, the flooding grace, the streaming splendours of the Holy Manifestations appear after Their ascension from this world. The exaltation of the word, the revelation of the power of God, the conversion of God- fearing souls, the bestowal of everlasting life - it was following the Messiah's martyrdom [crucification of Christ] that all these were increased and intensified. In the same way, ever since the ascension of the Blessed Beauty [Bahá’u’lláh], the bestowals have been more abundant, the spreading light is brighter, the tokens of the Lord's might are more powerful, the influence of the Word is much stronger, and it will not be long before the motion, the heat, the brilliance, the blessings of the Sun of His reality will encompass all the earth ... This is but the early dawn. Consider how, with the Cause of Christ, three hundred years had to go by before its great influence was made manifest. Today, not sixty years from its birth [note: as of the time this was written], the light of this Faith has been shed around this planet.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Selections From the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p.65