Yet even now warfare prevails. Envy and hatred have arisen between nations. But because I find the American nation so capable of achievement and this government the fairest of western governments, its institutions superior to others, my wish and hope is that the banner of international reconciliation may first be raised on this continent and the standard of the Most Great Peace be unfurled here. May the American people and their government unite in their efforts in order that this light may dawn from this point and spread  84  to all regions, for this is one of the greatest bestowals of God. In order that America may avail herself of this opportunity, I beg that you strive and pray with heart and soul, devoting all your energies to this end: that the banner of international peace may be upraised here and that this democracy may be the cause of the cessation of warfare in all other countries.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 83

You must be very grateful to Columbus who discovered such a great country. It is exceedingly astonishing that though he was the discoverer, yet it became known by the name of America. Indeed this country should be called Columbia, which is true and just.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Star of the West, v4, p. 78

If the Friends of America do not disperse," the Guardian said, "they will suffer materially and spiritually.

Ruth Moffet Pilgrim Notes #2

The Guardian said that material civilization is doomed; that all the nations have become corrupt politically and that America is the most politically disturbed nation on earth. The Americans are now living in a fool's paradise, thinking they are safe in overcrowded cities that are full of noise, dirt, and crime. The Bahá’í Friends should leave the corrupt cities, get a bit of land, establish a Bahá’í Community and establish the Bahá’í spirit in preparation of the glorious World Order of Bahá’u’lláh. There will be great distruction, and the Friends should move out of the cities and see what will happen when they build Bahá’í communities in villages.

Ruth Moffet Pilgrim Notes #2

When Shoghi Effendi was beginning to write The Advent of Divine Justice he was one day expatiating on this theme and suddenly stated that the United States was the most corrupt country politically in the world. I was simply stupefied by this remark as I had always taken it for granted that it was because of our system of democracy and our political prominence that God had chosen us [page 362] to build His Administrative Order! I ventured to remonstrate and said surely Persia was more corrupt politically. He said no, America was the most corrupt politically. He must have seen in my face how hard and unbelievable this new idea was for me to accept for he suddenly pointed his finger at me and said: "Swallow it, it is good for you." I swallowed it and kept silent and as he elaborated this theme, and when he wrote his memorable passages on it, and, indeed, in the course of years, I came to see clearly how he was enunciating, clarifying from the teachings, great spiritual laws and truths in which lie healing and strength for us if we but grasp them.

Priceless Pearl p. 361-362