Be sure that your letter was not a bother to us.

Universal House of Justice, Lights of Guidance, p. 201

Finally, it is suggested that, while individuals are free to turn to the Research Department, it is also important not to overlook the fact that, increasingly, there are many knowledgeable believers within the local and national Bahá’í communities. These friends represent an invaluable resource and a repository of knowledge and experience on which fellow researchers might draw for information and guidance.

Universal House of Justice, Aspects of Bahá’í Teachings, 6 August 1997

If you feel that any communication is unclear, or if you have reason to feel that the information supplied to the Universal House of Justice was incomplete or erroneous, or if you note that conditions have changed since the question was posed, you may always write again and raise the issue for clarification.

The Universal House of Justice to a Regional Spiritual Assembly dated 26 May 1993

Mr. ... asks about the procedures for requesting the services of the Research Department and whether the answering of questions of the kind he raises falls within its functions. The Research Department operates under the direction of the Universal House of Justice. At this time its activities include: support of the legislative function of the Universal House of Justice; implementation of projects designated by the House of Justice; preparation of compilations; and translation, classification and indexing of the Sacred Texts and letters of Shoghi Effendi. Individuals are free to request the service of the Research Department. Such requests should be addressed to the Universal House of Justice. The work of the Department is assigned by the House of Justice. The staff of the Department is small; however, we are happy to endeavour, within the constraints imposed by the pressure of ongoing work, to respond to requests for assistance, as time and other priorities will permit.

Universal House of Justice, Aspects of Bahá’í Teachings, 6 August 1997